What Does it Mean to be Well as a Mother?

It’s human nature; we work with what we are given. We do our best. But even on the good days, we may feel that tinge of tiredness, of wistful thinking, of wanting to do more…as mothers this is especially challenging because we are responsible for the welfare of our children and to a large extent, our families. It is in a mother’s nature to prioritize her children over herself in many ways, often at an expense we don’t realize until very late; when it begins to impact our emotional, mental, physical health.

When we give and give and give without respite, without pause, we often find ourselves at breaking point. That is a terrible place to be. It’s lonely and sad and dark and defeating. Our innate resilience and sheer force of will helps us through those moments but it’s so hard. We resent the fact that we “have” to keep going and resent so much else. In those moments finding appreciation and gratitude for what we have is challenging. In our society moments like these are not spoken of, and any mention of them is uncomfortably laughed away or dismissed as self-indulgent.

My work here is to help mothers like me, like you, find ways to be stronger, better, happier…to be “well” in all ways. What does it mean to be well as a mother? It means to be fulfilled and appreciative, replenished and energized, happy, satisfied and at ease within yourself and with what you have, and what you can do with your days, and how you live your life with your children and your family and within society, being able to have a thriving career if you want or need one, to offer value, depth, love and grace in all ways.

Being well is not just in the physical sense, but in the mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, social, intellectual, and career realms as well. These are all inter-connected, and deserve attention and care. To be vital as a woman, as a mother, is to know yourself and to care for you first so that you can continue to be strong, to be the rock that others lean on is so important…and I will help you become that.

I believe that if our mothers are well, our whole society will benefit, and I want to be the catalyst for this change for good.

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